IG Live Festival: Movement

hey, everybody.

The live virtual festival is happening tomorrow at 5:30pm EST on my Instagram stories.


5:30 – welcome + poetry + the anthropology of ritual as it applies to high-risk adventure activities, by me

5:45 – Sophia joins us to discuss digital heritage, Skara Brae, and climate change

6:00 – either a local friend will come play music for me or I will talk more anthropology. it’s gonna be a toss up, y’all

6:15 – Sierra Lane from @sierralanemusic will perform live

6:30 – Ben Chaverin from @benchaverin will perform live

7:00 – David Ian Howe, the dog-loving archaeologist from @ethnocynology, will talk about human migration

7:20 – Carlton from @alifeinruinspodcast will talk about indigenous archaeology and migration

8:00 – Robert Rear from @robertrearphotography will talk about photographing birds of prey

A few of these times may slide around during the actual festival–Robert Rear may come on earlier, I may talk about anthropology in a few extra slots, etc. But this is what’s happening and I’m sure excited about it. I hope to see you all there!

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