what’s circumspectacles?

Circumspectacles is a project dedicated to pursuing awe, research, adventure, and introspection in an age of consumerism, anxiety, environmental disaster, and the ever-escalating price of higher education. 

This is the space where I tell stories and ask questions. Friends join me and I am grateful.

My name’s Emily, by the way, and thank you for stopping by. For more content, follow me on Instagram @circumspectacles. (I am also learning Twitter much like a child learns to not put their hand on a hot stove: https://twitter.com/circumspectacl1.)

Circumspectacles currently accepts submissions for guest posts at circumspectacles@gmail.com. Alternatively, DM me on Instagram. I love interviewing people who do cool things, so hit me up if you do cool things.

Much love.

the Circumspectacles team:

Sophia Mirashrafi
Author & Contributor

Helloo. My name is Sophia – I am an Oregonian living in Scotland. I am partial to reading stories of varying objective quality, oat milk in coffee, and evening runs. I collect and hoard copies of Jane Eyre. I have an MA in Medieval History and Archaeology from University of St Andrews and an MSc in Digital Heritage from the University of York. I now get paid to make digital models of Scotland’s sites and artefacts and use them to tell new stories about the past. My twitter is here if you’re interested in that kind of thing: https://twitter.com/ssmirash.

Honey Constant
Author & Contributor

Honey Constant is nēhiyaw-iskēwēw, Plains Cree Woman, from Sturgeon Lake First Nation. She is currently working on her Masters in Plains Archaeology with Dr Ernie Walker, developing an archaeology program for Wanuskewin from an Indigenous perspective. Honey is passionate about Indigenous representation in the sciences and weaves traditional knowledge and Plains Cree ways of knowing into her work. Honey contributes to her city of Saskatoon and online community by instructing beading workshops; facilitating talking circles on reconciliation, and trying to make the world a safer place to hear Indigenous voices. You can follow her on Instagram @HoneyWillowCreations.

Emily Lynn Cook
Author & Editor

I’m a fatalistic feminist with a mountain problem, rigorous anthropological training, and a poetry habit. More seriously, I have an Master of Arts (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, for which I worked very hard. My four years in Scotland gave me a love for the mountains and hitchhiking. Local Pennsylvania crags, rivers, creeks, and slopes sustain my love for rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, and skiing fast. Pennsylvania, with the help of Tinder, also gave me a fourth-generation union sheet metal worker boyfriend. He’s a much better person than I am and has gotten me into skiing. I currently live in Pennsylvania where I write for a living. I have an aggressive resting bitch face.

A more wordy but equally honest description of what Circumspectacles is all about: 

This is a pipe-dream project that hopefully will let me barter for coffee and whisky and read a lot of anthropology–especially when I’m too tired to climb, ski, lift, or pick fights with my boyfriend. One day, I want to turn this into an online magazine and publication platform that specialises in anthropological research, adventure, reflection, and art.

I want this blog to always be free, but I also want it to help every contributor get their ideas out there, feel connected to other creators, and help them build their online presence.


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  1. Hope you can stay in Scotland if that’s what you want, hope you have good a good friend/friends

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