my circumspectacle // IG Live Festival This Thursday

Hey everyone, it’s poetry Tuesday. Also, I started doing a new thing where I host an IG livestream festival on my Instagram stories @circumspectacles every Thursday of social isolation at 5:30pm EST. Last week went awesome, and this week I decided to actually blog about. Here’s the poem I wrote as a dedication for the festival and as a tribute to the internet.

Cheery, right?

As ever, I am apologising for not sticking to a schedule. Last week, I felt simultaneously overwhelmed by quarantine, like I wanted to do a lot of lunges, read a crap ton of anthropology, and avoid screens other than when working or organising this festival. I’m trying to make it up to y’all and am inviting all readers to this little virtual festival in the hopes of inspiring curiosity, creativity, and community. We wanna #spreadlovenotcorona at the #circumspectaclescoronafestival

The theme for this week is movement, and musicians will be inspiring creative movement with their songs while archaeologists discuss migration and coastal movement. Also, if you’re interested in participating next week, hmu at or DM me on Instagram.

So far, the lineup looks like this:

5:30 – Welcome, poetry set, and a brief discussion of the anthropology of ritual as it pertains to high-risk adventure activities

5:45 – Digital heritage expert and archaeologist, Sophia, discusses using digital archaeological techniques to track changes in coastline over time at Scara Brae. She’ll also be talking about running.

6:00 – TBA

6:15 – Sierra Lane of @sierralanemusic will perform

6:30 – Ben Chaverin of @benchavmusic2 will perform

7:00- David Ian Howe, canine archaeology expert from @ethnocynology, will talk about human migration

7:20-Carlton from @alifeinruinspodcast will discuss migration as it pertains to indigenous archaeology

…aaand the complete lineup will be announced tomorrow. I’ll post about it here. In the meantime, I hope to see you all at the festival!

Also, the complete dedication poem goes as such:

What an impractical infinity is the internet:

Here we are, in our solitary solidarity, 

Our disconnected connectivity, 

Our lonely linked arms traversing 

Broadband and broken dreams—

The internet is my circumspectacles—

My looking glass, my monocle,

My daily-use telescope that has me looking round

And round at the viral and the virulent,

The volatile, the vain, the valiant, the voracious,

The vascillating veracity of vicious verbosity 

As we verbalise the venal and the virtuous—

A blind and battering antiphon is the internet—

A place for the baleful and the beautiful, 

For absurdity and relief,

Hurt and hope, love and longing,

And here we are, at an Instagram festival

Hoping that a circumspectacle

Of music, art, and curiosity

Can keep us together yet apart

As the noble healthcare workers

Fend against the unseen demons

Of our strange and anxious hour

Keep hope, my friends,

Spread love, not corona,

And welcome to this 

Circumspectacling Festival

At the intersection of Broadband Boulevard 

And Wi-Fi Way

It ain’t Woodstock,

but it just might have to do. 

Love to you all.



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