immersed in fractals // poetry Tuesday

Here’s a poem I wrote that tries to combine my childlike fascination with fractal geometry, the lure of deep sea-diving (which I have never experienced), and the properties of light in order to reflect on…the beauty and frailty of human endeavour?

I guess I’m keeping it light?

Anyway, here’s the complete poem.

Immersed in fractals we cannot see,
We miss the oceans for the bathtubs
And bathe in spectrums
Which we call darkness–

The forms slip from our fingertips
Even as we attempt to name them:
Old lovers and childhood friends,
This law of geometry, that bakery,
This word, this atomic sense of unity.

We swim in lost theorems and forgotten hopes
Even as we plunge, full of the insatiable, to the ocean floor,
Reaching for creatures who create their own brightness,
Attempting to name the darkness
And hoping to craft new laws of light,
Praying for enlightenment
That is both flowing and particulate,
A wave of unity, all the while
Forgetting we live in a Mandelbrotian world
Of the repetitive and the inaccessible
Armed with a paltry mortality and guts
Made only for dreams.

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