this week’s festival + awesome anthropology resources

Hey, here’s the festival lineup for this week. The theme is ‘Giving.’ I’ve also linked some resources sent to me by Lana Ruck, one of the participants from weeks prior. I hope to see you at the Instagram live #spreadlovenotcorona festival tomorrow night.

Lana Ruck’s anthropology thoughts on handedness, tools, and language: In this article, she explores the interconnections of our species’ propensity towards right handedness, using and making tools over time, and how language developed in our brain. It’s awesome and I hope you head over and read it!

For the visually impaired, here’s a text version of the lineup:

3:30 -Laura Perry, Conservation Psychologist and NatGeo Lion Researcher -@theoxfordconservationist – Social Tools for Conservation

5:30 – Sophia Mirashrafi, Digital Project Officer at Historic Environment Scotland – @ssmirash – Digital Heritage Perspectives on Gift-Giving, Reciporicty, and Interdisciplinarity

6:00 – Devon Schindler, Project Manager at BCG Headquarters-@devon_le_sch – Anthropological Perspectives on Quantum Mechanics

6:30 – Ben Chaverin – @benchaverin – Live Music

7:00 – David Ian Howe, Podcast Host and Science Communicator – @ethnocynology – The Archaeology of Care

7:30 – Sierra Lane – @sierralanemusic -Live Music

8:00 – Donny Dust, Author, Wilderness Skills Educator, and TV and Movie Consultant – @donnydust – The Gifts of Self-Reliance

8:15 – Carlton Gover, Podcast Host and Archaeologist – @alifeinruinspodcast – Trade and Reciprocity in Inidgenous Archaeology

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