here I am, there you are // poetry + an update

hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. Also, here’s a poem.

First off, I want to apologise that this post is so late–I was working on another article and have a line of exciting guest posts stacked up to share with you, but the flurry of the past week or two has halted my blog-post-planning process. I’ve been battling sickness this past week and wading through job applications.

In addition, Abigail chose to step away from Circumspectacles this past week due to other time pressures, limitations, and commitments that have kept her from participating in the way she initially hoped. She’s doing really cool work in an ecovillage in England, and I wish her all the best. Abigail also chose to have her articles taken down from the blog, so there’s a bit of a gap looking back through content. While the blog will no longer address her topic of menstruation for a while, I will be writing about veganism, hunting, farming, and sustainability shortly in order to re-build and add to that aspect of the blog’s content.

So there will be–yet again–some new changes on the blog, but here’s the gist of the plans for the next few months:

-a short zine coming out at the end of February
-a new Circumspectacles blog layout
-new social media adventures
-a new partnership with an incredible videographer and photographer (more to come in the next week!)
-lots of exciting guest posts and art features
-a planned schedule of posts for the next month and a half, hopefully hitting the blog for the weekend, so you all know what to expect from Circumspectacles
-once I have the planned schedule of posts, there will a sidebar dedicated to letting you all know what’s coming next, each and every week.

I want to deliver reliable, consistent content, and I want my readers to know what to expect. I don’t think I’m some high or mighty artist or above the laws of social media algorithms: I want to show my readers that I will work hard and produce. I want my readers to know that I’m committed to this project.

Because I’m already extremely grateful for the conversations, connections, and friendships this project has brought me.

Because even though Circumspectacles isn’t a big, successful, booming blog, it’s already encouraged me to take risks I wouldn’t otherwise take or to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

It’s encouraged me to email tenured professors at incredible universities and ask to meet them and interview them.

It’s encouraged me to contact artists on social media I’ve admired for a long time but have been far too shy to message.

It’s encouraged me to rethink my ideas on creativity, commitment, and connection–and it’s even helped me figure out what I want from a career.

I’m really grateful for this, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

And so, my readers–as few or as many as you might be–I want to thank you for caring about this project, and I want to thank everyone who is still reading my ideas and who is interested in my thoughts. That’s a huge blessing, and I’m actively trying to figure out ways to continue to give back.

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